Slots/Poker/Roulette (Unity)

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Slots - Video Poker - Roulette games created in Unity 3.5 (2011-2012)

I did everything shown here from the Art, UI Design & Programming.

Casino Slots Game (Unity)
Slots game created in Unity & NGUI (8-in-one game). I did all the programming and & artwork, the entire development of the games.

Features include:

- 8 total slot games, each with a unique theme and art style (2 are pictured above)
- 1 bonus spin game (pictured above)
- 1X to 10X payaouts (with scrolling paytables)
- price of game is changeable by the user
- Lots of animated effects, coins & particles, animated backgrounds.
- Runs fast and efficiently, low poly all around 18-25 draw calls,
- Extensive stat tracking & options


Also featured is a PC Roulette game I created in Unity, did all the art, programming, and UI design. (3D/NGUI)



I have been working in the game industry since 2002 in a range of roles from 3d artist to game programmer. This website contains my portfolio from 2001-2015, and is long overdue for an update/overhaull. To see some of my latest work check out